About My Workshops


  • Do you have questions about mental health, human development, and psychology?
  • Don’t have time to read all the current books, or the finances to consult a professional individually?
  • Already see a therapist but would like to explore a topic creatively from a different angle?
  • Do you enjoy group settings and the added benefit that community provides in learning?

Try the Art Therapy Workshop Series brought to you by Jennifer Harkness, MA, LMHC, ATR and Courageous Heart Healing, PLLC. Workshops are an affordable and time-saving way to explore topics, get answers, and grow! You will leave each workshop with more knowledge, an art or writing creation of your own making, and a small workbook.  No art skills required, and participation in the art process is optional.

While workshops can be therapeutic, it is important to note that they are not therapy. Instead, they are psychoeducational classes with an experiential component. Attendees only share and participate as they feel comfortable. While confidentiality is not guaranteed, participants are encouraged to keep outside discussions about any workshop focused on your own personal experience and not that of others.


What Are You Thinking?
Understanding Your Adolescent and Creatively Growing Together

Child Stress & Anxiety Tool Kit for Parents

Empowered Aging: A Creative Exploration for Women


I have been running these in person workshops since 2012 with great success. Due to the world moving virtual, in 2021 I will be offering online courses and groups through Teachable. 

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Creatively Cultivating Courage & Compassion