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Many people think that my practice is mostly kids and teens, but a third of my practice is also adults. Even though change for adults can be vulnerable and scary, it is never too late. I delightedly work with clients ranging from age 20 to well into their 70s who courageously want to engage living up to their potential! Many women and men come into my office to engage issues like:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Trauma, including:
    • Childhood and adult traumas, including sexual / physical assault or neglect
    • Vicarious trauma and burnout for helping professionals
  • Self-care and life balance for helping professionals
  • Parenting stress and parent coaching
  • Life transitions, like career changes and marriage or divorce
  • Artists needing support with their creative process
  • Executives needing support for work/life balance
  • Grief and loss
  • Mid-life malaise and questioning
  • Women’s health and journey

Often I talk about how the culture we live in has many toxic factors leading to exhaustion and overwhelm. The pursuit of perfectionism and the shame that comes with not being good enough, or feeling like an imposter, are common themes. I work with folks on a human-to-human level with goals like these:

  • Cultivate techniques to slow down mindfully and feel our inner truths and needs.
  • Find meaning and purpose.
  • Have self-compassion and acceptance in order to grow and be happier and healthier.
  • Learn self-reflection and self-care in ways that work for each person.

You can read more specifics on how I work here.

Due to the changing world we live in and COVID-19 I am no longer offering services in person. I speak with clients either on phone or video. I encourage my clients to walk, make art, or lie down while we speak. In this way, it can be more interactive and gives you an opportunity to do some self care while we discuss your life and process. I incorporate mindfulness into each session this way to help you slow down and integrate your emotions with your body. 

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