Coaching, Consultation and Training

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For Leadership and Businesses:

If your organization or leadership style needs or desires a culture shift, I’ve got ideas and experience. I have worked with countless executives, managers, founders and staff over the years and see a common issue in the workplace preventing cohesiveness is most often social-emotional. Cultivating authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, effective conflict management styles, stress management, psychological safety, and growth mindset are key to maintaining healthy staff and organizational flow.

Coming from the interpersonal and social emotional angle, I can run assessments on psychological safety and the emotional intelligence of you and your staff. From there I can do 1:1 coaching and design a goal oriented training program to facilitate culture shifts for optimal teaming and performance. I like to get creative and collaborate with you on what is going to be the most effective way to create better team cohesiveness in your work.

You can listen to examples of my work through these podcasts I put together recently for Buckland.  They are a progressive and successful organization who generously released this Mental Health and Well Being series for the public in the face of the pandemic and have continued to contract me for positive culture change toward greater company cohesion and innovation. I believe in walking the talk and modeling healthy leadership throughout the process. My style is direct, practical, warm, humorous and encouraging. Free 30 minute consultation to see if it’s a fit to meet your needs.

The Survey and Report:

My Psychological Safety and Emotional Intelligence Survey and Report with Recommendations is a data driven interpersonal assessment and tool for growth. I have developed this survey to assess the overall cohesiveness of your organization and teams. Through using the Google Teams Rework study and data from Amy Edmondson on Psychological Safety, as well as my years of experience of teaching emotional intelligence and communication as a therapist, I have created this comprehensive measuring tool. We can assess how able your employees are able to take risks, be creative, understand work and process flow, collaborate, make mistakes, communicate, and have impact and meaning in their work.

From there I create recommendations on how to improve trouble areas and how to further celebrate areas of excellence. Research is clear that when your teams feel safe to make mistakes, take risks, get creative and be authentic and vulnerable with inclusion and respect you have less employee turnover, better productivity, and grow. The future is a knowledge economy focused on diversity, equity, healthy relationship collaboration and connection. We will be asked to adapt more with changing technology and social structures. We will be working with many different people in many different ways and shifting from me to we in business practices. Bringing healthy interpersonal skills, both verbal and non verbal, into the workforce is essential. Find out where you are at and where you need to go for greater cohesion and success.

All coaching is done via phone, skype, FaceTime and zoom and is $300 per hour. Custom training programs are priced out per event. The survey cost depends on your companies size and data needs, but averages $5000 for a company of 250 or less.

For therapists:

I offer coaching and consultation for mental health counselors and art therapists. Having taken supervision courses, I have worked helping therapists to grow their practices for over 6 years. This has included the nuts and bolts of running a business as well as consult on clinical issues. Having a business background in marketing helped give me a foundation for how to run my practice. Being a trauma and anxiety specialist working in mental health for over 15 years with children, teens and adults in many settings has given me tremendous perspective and skill sets to cope with all kinds of clinical issues and client needs. My private practice has been consistently full and wait listed for 9 of it’s 10 years and I love sharing tips on how to grow yours.  If you are looking for someone to hold space for the depth and breadth of your work while also being practical and direct, I would love to work with you. Free 30 minute consult to see if it’s a fit.

All coaching is done via phone, skype, FaceTime and zoom and is $200 per hour with limited sliding scale options for mental health providers.

For Non-Profits and Educational Settings: 

Combining all of the experience above, I have always made room in my work for lower cost training and coaching for Non-Profits and educational settings. One of my specialties has been vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, moral injury and burn out for helping professionals in direct service. I have worked with police, fire fighters, case-workers, therapists, homeless services staff and more over the years supporting them in their work. I have presented at agencies, national conferences, universities and public school settings. My passion is helping people to soothe their nervous systems better and advocate for themselves and the people they serve in effective ways. Free 30 minute consultation to see if it’s a fit to support you and your organization.

All coaching is done via phone, skype, FaceTime and zoom and is $200 per hour. Custom training programs are priced out per event. Limited sliding scale and pro-bono community service spots are available.