Mental Health and Well Being Podcasts for Coping in a Pandemic


I was recently given the opportunity to record four podcasts with handouts and slides for an international company, Buckland. I have been inspired by their authentic leadership, progressive thinking, and community service. Like many businesses, the pandemic has been rough for them. They value their employees and families so much the offered the gift of these trainings to support them through a global crisis. After this, they generously opened it up for the public. I am sharing the links below as they are made available, they are a great resource during these trying times.

The Neurobiology of Stress and Daily Coping Skills

The first in the Mental Health and Wellness Series is designed to help us frame our experiences in a global pandemic. We are currently in a collective trauma and grief and loss process. We will go over a brief and easy overview of our brains and what happens with stress and trauma to normalize how we feel. It is designed for all ages in hopes that your families will also benefit from this information. We will explore tangible coping skills, why they work, and what is most helpful. You will leave with a greater understanding of your own patterns and needs and will receive a hand-out with more resources to accompany the content.

Relationships and Mental Health During Crisis

The second in the Mental Health and Wellness Series will go over mental health issues during the pandemic and what risk factors to look out for. This will include sensitivity and information around pre-existing and emerging physical and mental health struggles. The goal is to give information and skill sets on how to navigate healthy relationships with partners, colleagues and families during this time, and how to resource if you are struggling with one another. This lecture is for tweens, teens and adults and will be accompanied by a handout with resources and ideas on how to create better communication, support and empathy in our lives.

Productivity in a Time of Collective Trauma

The third lecture in the Mental Health and Wellness Series will build on some of Buckland’s work around the Art of Possibility while also introducing complimentary concepts from current research psychology. Designed for teens and adults, we will be looking at factors of resilience and how to cope with the unknown and look ahead to create meaning from this experience. We will discuss how to organize, focus, and be productive when our lives seem upside down. We will discuss how to engage and adapt to the bigger picture of a rapidly changing world. You will receive a handout and ideas on how to create goals and structure to look forward to and be flexible with as we navigate the uncertain days ahead and hopefully come out stronger.

Psychological Safety in a Global Pandemic

The fourth in the series is an overview of previous information along with a behavioral forecast based on disaster response data for what is to come. This is a must listen if you are curious how the next year will unfold for mental health. The concept of Psychological Safety is introduced and how to create cohesion in your family and work life to weather the upcoming storms together. Focusing on tangible skills, community and resilience building this talk is designed to get us thinking about priorities and what we need to look forward to and prepare for next. This is appropriate for ages ten and up.


Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

How to Cope With Constant Change

6 months after the first talk, we go over the changes we have witnessed and research on what is to come and how to prepare. We also discuss COVID 19 risk levels and how to communicate that to our friends and families in healthy ways.

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